High School Students

Studies show that engaging in any creative process is healing. Whether you make a simple drawing or collage, look at art or talk about it, creativity and the arts can help you:

  • Express thoughts and emotions that can be hard to put into words

  • Lower stress and anxiety

  • Relax and feel calmer and happier

  • Connect with yourself on a deep level, no matter what you are going through

  • Find meaning in life experiences

  • Cope with grief and loss

  • Form new connections with others

  • Shift your focus away from pain or stressful thoughts to activities that are soothing, enjoyable and fun

  • Create something unique that gives you a sense of pleasure and accomplishment

The Roots & Wings newsletter provides high school students an opportunity express themselves through writing, art, or photography. We are currently looking for students who are interested in serving on our newsletter committee.

For more information email lisa@onethousandtrees.com.

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