Although I officially "launched" Roots & Wings several years ago, it has taken a while to figure out what its main purpose should be.

And that focus, and this website, keeps evolving. I am very pleased to have reconnected with Danielle Betts,

who is helping me in this endeavour. Here's what she had to say in a recent Facebook post:

Hello all! I’m here to reintroduce myself! My name is Danielle. I’m a 20 year old girl with a huge dream to change the world! I met Lisa in high school and we just recently reconnected. I am super excited to help her get Roots and Wings blossoming and flying! I have a few things that I will announce in the coming weeks, but for now, please invite people to this page! If you know someone who loves art (all kinds) and cares about mental health, well, this is the page for them. They’ll be able to stay updated on all things Roots and Wings here and even better, they will have a community of creative, caring people who always have their back. Your 2 goals for tonight are to invite 3 people to this group and introduce yourself to me in the comment section! I am so grateful that Lisa trusted me with a piece of this special project and I look forward to all that’ll come with it (especially getting to know you all more). Here’s to ending the stigma!

There are four pages on this site:

Creative Prompts: A great idea from Danielle! Every month, she will post a prompt on our Facebook page,

and your responses will be published here. All responses should be sent to

Writing: It is important to me to provide an outlet for all writers, "professional" or not. If you have something to say,

about mental health or wellness in general, email

Visual Art: I firmly believe that all forms of visual art (painting, drawing, photography) are a wonderful outlet for self-expression, 

and I am happy to post your artwork here. Email JPEGs or PDFs to

Books: This page provides information about books that I have either published,

or whose authors I am connected with, that have a mental health component.

Contact Info:

Call Us:


Roots to keep you grounded

Wings to help you fly