Although I officially "launched" Roots & Wings several years ago, it has taken a while to figure out what its main purpose should be. Originally, there were to be three different products (ie books): one for elementary school students, one for high school students,

and one for adults/university students. For a number of reasons, this didn't pan out. 


I think I was making things too difficult for myself ... trying to answer the question "What I am offering

through this branch of One Thousand Trees?" I realize now that the answer is a simple one.

I am offering an outlet for creative expression, knowing as I do how important it is for our mental health.

There are four pages on this site:

Writing: this is the replacement for One Thousand Trees magazine, which I published every month for ten years. It's more a standalone format, and I accept articles, poetry etc. and put live once a month. The deadline each month is posted on the Writing page.

Books: I will provide information about books that I have either published, or whose authors I am connected with,

that have a mental health component.

Events: information about local and online events with a mental health component.

Meditations and Motivational Talks: links to audio/video files.


Feel free to contact me at if you have something to contribute, or promote on this site.

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Roots to keep you grounded

Wings to help you fly